Julian Lynch joins the BARO family!

It is our honor to present lo-fi pop genius Julian Lynch’s long out-of-print debut LP “Orange You Glad” on magnetic tape. Recorded to four track around 2009 in and around New Jersey and Wisconson, this majestic collection of psychedelia sounds rich, warm, and just right on the cassette format.



Sounding nostalgic and sometimes melancholic, Julian’s first collection of tunes established the blueprint for his ethno-psychedelic pop sound further fleshed-out on his subsequent trio of LPs, Mare, Terra, and Lines. Orange You Glad is a rich tapestry of muted wah-guitar, bass clarinet, hand drums, and half-whispered vocals.¬†Absolutely prefect tunes to celebrate the coming of spring by relaxing outside with your boombox or taking a nature hike with your walkman.¬†Limited to 200 copies.

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