BARO proudly presents Olli Aarni’s shrouded opus “Peite” on magnetic tape!

We are so very pleased to announce Finnish sound painter Olli Aarni has joined the BARO family.


Originally self-released in an edition of 59 charmingly hand made tapes, we have brought Aarni’s late 2014 cassette suite Peite to the states. Simply described by the artist himself as “a blanket of fog,” Peite is a dense sonic adventure through and throughout. On the surface, Peite sounds like it could have been a compilation of unused Bernard Herrmann incidental music, film cues for a lost Hitchcock classic that were recently excavated from a landfill and caked in dirt & debris. Once you put the headphones on and crank your volume, it becomes so much more.

On side A, Aarni takes us through a foreign land, a humid & dense jungle, deeper & deeper. Hidden caves, pockets of undergrowth, thick plumes of vegetation populate our surroundings in our quest to find what we seek. As we travel downward into unexplored terrain, the layer of fog becomes more & more dense, enveloping our bodies in a comforting shroud of ferric oxide.

Suddenly, we reach a clearing.

Side B brings us shimmering slivers of sunlight, piercing through the fog which now lays dense atop our head. We have found what we were looking for all along, a safe place miles away from civilization where, for once, we can hear our thoughts and truly reflect. The gentle flow of water can be heard in the distance, but our sense of direction obscured prevents us from locating the source. As we settle in & lay in the dense tapestry of mist and moss, we become one with mother earth and the beauty that surrounds us.

Limited to 100 copies, Peite can be obtained on cassette here.