Start Your Morning With ‘Balanced Breakfast’

Dawn breaks over the horizon line. The shade of night slowly recedes and a new day is born. The gentle glow of the morning sun and a cool, soft breeze awaken the senses.

Early to rise, two old friends have met on common ground to share stories over the first meal of the day. The smell of incense & coffee hang thick in the air, conjuring fond memories of time spent together days gone by.


Like a two-headed quarter, Balanced Breakfast is a double A-side split of morning comfort from two of BARO’s longest-running players. Drawing Trees is the field-folk-collage project of Frank Broder, who composes vignettes of found sound, bursts of rapid-fire fingerpicking, and drapes of warm textured drone. Ant’lrd should be no stranger to those following the label, as his most recent long-player “Sunnup” proved to be a fan favorite and definitive portrait of his plunderphonic craft.

Both players have honed in on the tranquil nature of the early morning hours and the ritualistic preparation and enjoyment of breakfast. This collection has been lovingly crafted & presented to be just as much a part of your day as your morning cup of java. Limited to 100 copies on high-bias cobalt cassettes.

Start your day off right.