Celebrate summer with Andrew Broder & Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon (aka Alexei Moon Casselle) and Andrew Broder are restless souls. Both were raised and battle-tested in the burgeoning underground hip-hop scene of Minneapolis in the late-90’s – Caselle as an MC and Broder as a DJ/Turntablist- and both realized early on that they would have to push themselves out of that embryonic comfort zone and get weird with it. Casselle brought his razor-sharp and bone marrow-rich writing to the hazy throb of Kill the Vultures. Broder founded Fog, an awkwardly beautiful and jagged melding of turntable skronk and melodic song heartache. The pair have known and respected each other for damn near 20 years, and inevitably gravitated towards writing songs together in a basement, resulting in 6 songs for this self-titled EP Crescent Moon / Andrew Broder.


This is experimental and independent music. This is not indie rap or backpack rap. This is rap music made by two friends with a deep love for the form, and a vested interest in pushing it, and themselves to new places.

Crescent Moon / Andrew Broder cassettes are strictly limited to 100 copies, & will be shipping July 24. Grab your copy here

Cop the digital version from their Bandcamp page.