Found the keys!

Well, well, well…. where have we been?

B U S Y  A S  A L L  G E T  O U T

We find ourselves steadily rounding the first corner of 2016. Our lives are just flying by… It’s almost as if we’ve forgotten to update the website! We can’t have that now, can we? Where did we leave off… The sublimely dark and majestic frequencies of HKE and t e l e p a t h ‘s split floated us into the icy peaks and valleys of spectral bliss of Gardener’s latest..


which is still available, by the way. Trust your ears!

What’s next?

Quite a few fun little things. We are so very excited to announce the next two releases!

First off- Forage. A new record by Drape!

Forage Digi

You may remember them from late summer 2013’s EVENSONGS– or their beautiful expansive LP on Infraction– or their stone cold classic split tape with Odd Nosdam. Maybe you are new to the Drape bandwagon- in which case, you’re in for a treat. Drape have shared with us a new video for Phosphenes, the second cut from Forage, directed by Brett Walters.

Seems our friends in Drape are a bit more restless then the last time we saw them.. The glacial, monolithic slabs of smeared sound have been replaced by smaller movements- more concise brush strokes- micro-sonic flourishes. We think the result is nothing short of phenomenal. Forage is the kind of record that you can fall asleep to, start your morning with, or use as a study/work aid. Odd Nosdam’s mastering helped bring Drape’s sonic worlds to the forefront, and we are still discovering new details hidden away in the mix with every listen. We can’t wait for you to have your own experiences with it.

Forage will be available Friday, May 20th on compact cassette (limited to 100) and digital formats.

Next order of business- You might have noticed our old pal Bracken has a new record coming out on Home Assembly Music. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered up with them to  release High Passes on the beloved cassette format.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.23.29 AM

Seems quite a few of you really dug his last record, Exist ResistWe sold out of 2 runs of tapes, Norman Records called it the best album of 2014 (and sold out of a vinyl pressing) and it currently hold the honors as the most-streamed album on the BARO catalog. How to follow up? With a new collection of songs that give everything that Mr. Adams has ever done a run for their money. Trust us, it’s that good.

The LP is available to pre-order from Norman Records, and the tape will be coming in the next few months. Follow us on Twitter to stay current with updates and pollute your feed with Hardvapour.

Last but not least- we are very happy to finally be entering the digital frontier! By the end of the summer, most of the BARO catalog will be available for streaming on all major platforms- you will be able to listen to your favorite BARO classics when you are away from your tape collection!

Until next time!